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Photographer Registration

Please Note: If you experience any complications or if you do not see a confirmation screen upon submission, please email to confirm your application successfully submitted.

Please Note: Only your name, email, areas served, and phone numbers will be seen by the public. All other information will remain confidential.

Application Fee Required: To register as a photographer we do require you to pay an application fee, before filling out this application, please visit the store and purchase the item "Application Fee". Then, return to this form, and enter your Order Number in the Order Number text box below. Your order number will be displayed to you on the receipt page, as well as emailed to you.

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IMPORTANT note on uploading images. PLEASE READ. Before uploading examples of your work, resize all of the images to 700px on their longest side, and save as jpeg using a quality of 7 or 8. Do not exceed a combined total of 15 Mb for all of the images. If you exceed this maximum, your application will not process and you will need to start over.

PLEASE READ before you submit. Please review this entire application before you submit. Make sure ALL fields with a RED star are filled out. This includes selecting the type of phone for each required phone number. Make sure you have paid your application fee and have put the order number in the top field. Finally, make sure a total of 10 images are uploaded and are the correct size. If anything is missing, your application will not submit an you will need to start over. Thank you!


** NILMDTS strongly recommends that photographers volunteering in hospitals carry General Liability insurance as well as malpractice and accident coverage. NILMDTS carries multiple types of an organizational-wide insurance policies however NILMDTS cannot guarantee coverage for every scenario such as gross negligence.